The chiller is just one of the many components that make up complex air conditioning systems. However, it is a vital component. Its role within the system is that of the primary fluid cooling station.

For systems that are intended to work mainly at full or near full load, Clivet is offering a new series of chillers equipped with twin-screw compressors in air-cooled versions (series WDATA from 400 to 1,500 kW) and water-cooled versions (series WDH CLA from 400 to 1,500 kW). All chillers are certified as Eurovent energy efficiency class A.
For variable load systems with a high degree of stepping, as typically occurs in air conditioning applications, Clivet is offering the Spinchiller series.
This series features the use of multiple scroll compressors for each refrigeration circuit. In this way, high efficiency is achieved at full load and becomes decidedly superior at partial load, reaching an ESEER value of 4.6 in air-cooled units and 6.3 in water-cooled models. This performance is possible due to optimization of the exchanger surfaces and self-adapting electronics.
Another characteristic of this series is versatility. These units, which cover 100 to 1,000 kW, are available in various models for indoor installation, outdoor installation, air-cooled, water-cooled and with cooling-only operation. Heat pump development has also received special attention.
The efficiency of the entire series can be increased with the addition of devices offering free cooling and heat recovery (partial and total) and through Ecobreeze, a high efficiency ventilation system with electronically controlled brushless motors. In addition, the entire series offers enhanced sound levels.