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Shanghai, China


CIAAR - China International Auto Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Exhibition

Products Scope:

1.Mobile air conditioners & Air-conditioning systems for whole vehicles: Mobile air conditioners, portable air-conditioners, bus air-conditioners, car air-conditioners, truck air-conditioners, train air-conditioners, construction vehicle air-conditioning systems, engine cooling system, etc..

2.Auto air-conditioning parts: Condensers, evaporators, radiators, temperature controllers, fan blowers, air-conditioners, air compressors; a variety of electronic fans for condensers, filter screens, refrigeration agents, liquid storage tanks, thermal expansion valves; a variety of air-conditioning pipes, air-conditioning motors, bearings, belts, switches, clutches, connectors, high and low pressure valves, electromagnetic valves, directional valves, warming machines, water tanks; a variety of copper and aluminum materials, sealing parts, lubricants, testing instruments, etc..

3.Transportation refrigeration equipments & technologies: Cold storage transportation vehicles, automobile cold warehouses, cold storage and refrigeration equipment, tools, materials, testing equipment; new techniques and new technologies related to cold storage and refrigeration equipment.

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