Tam, gdzie system klimatyzacji nie dotrze Munters proponuje mobilny, łatwy w obsłudze i przyjazny dla środowiska ochładzacz powietrza serii CCX. CCX, wolny od czynników chłodniczych, w potrzebie stanowi ekonomiczne rozwiązanie.

Chłodzenie na kółkach od Munters
Added cooling capacity for small premises
CCX is a series of mobile spot coolers from Munters intended for open door commercial areas such as smaller shops, offices, restaurants and workshops. CCX provides a cost-effective solution to situations where the ventilation system is incapable to cool certain areas, e.g. conference rooms.

Evaporative cooling – nature’s way of regulating temperature
The cooling media used is a pad which is saturated with water pumped from an integrated tank. Inside the unit, a fan sucks warm air from the room through the wet pad, where water evaporates and cools the air. The cool air is then forced into the premises by the fan and diffusers make it possible to direct the airflow in any direction.

Easy to use and move around
The units are provided with pre-set programs for various cooling scenarios and are easy to move around since they are equipped with wheels and handles. The water tank capacity can provide up to 10 hours of uninterrupted running time. CCX series has a compact design, low installation, running and maintenance costs. Since no chemicals, refrigerants or compressors are used, the evaporative cooling principle ensures an energy efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

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