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05-07.04.2009 Guangzhou, China

China Refrigeration 2009
Initiated in the year of 1987, China Refrigeration Expo. has been serving the industry for 20 years, with total square meter of exhibit space from 1500 to 66900 in 2008, total number of exhibiting companies from 60 to 972, as well as the total number of visitors raised from several thousand to nearly 40 thousand. As the world leading HVAC&R trade show, China Refrigeration Expo.features a wide range of exhibits. It is certificated by the International Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) of Department of Commerce U.S. With 20-year’s experience serving the industry, China Refrigeration Expo. has built up its brand reputation and become a significant outstanding partner of the companies in the industry.
For the past 20 years, China Refrigeration Expo. has always pursued to be more international, professional and branding. It has been certificated by the International Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) of Department of Commerce U.S and has become one of the three biggest HVAC&R exhibitions around the world and the largest one in Asia.
By reviewing the 08 show, four main characteristics could be summarised:
1. More attention on energy saving, environmental protecting products, technologies and applications
As the two primary issues within HVAC&R industry-energy saving and environmental protection, the exhibition organizing committee has firstly put forward the concept of “Social responsibility and enterprise development" advocated as the basic exhibition culture and “Civilized Exhibition", “Practical Exhibition", “Eco-protecting Exhibition" and “Energy-saving Exhibition" became the four main themes of this 2008 exposition.
2. More efforts on audience organizing
Quality audience organizing has always been emphasized as one of the most important jobs for the exhibition organizing committee. This year, China Refrigeration Expo. has signed co-operation agreements with nearly 50 media institutions around the globe. Through the overseas action project, it has built up long-term, good relationship with many well-known, world famous exhibitions and associations including IIR, ICARMA, ARI, IIAR, etc to better promote China Refrigeration Expo. to the whole world. One million tickets for the show have been sent out via different channels which attract nearly 40 thousand visitors.
3. Continuously improving the function and influence of website and media
Internet has been recognized as an essential communication tool today and China Refrigeration Expo. has put a lot of effort to improve the quality of its official website. Whatever it is information downloading, booth booking, or visitor registration, the website is designed to provide the best solutions. In addition, exhibitors’ information, products details including product preview and advanced technology information has been published on the website half year before the show to help those exhibitors promote themselves. Meanwhile, China Refrigeration Expo. worked closely with different medias, it has already built up a multi-channel, solid promoting network.
4. Continuously working on intellectual property rights protection
Giving much attention on IPR protection could be seen as one significant and unique characteristic that China Refrigeration Expo. differs from other congener exhibitions. Since the IPR protection counter has been firstly set on field in the 2007 show, China Refrigeration Expo. has put much effort to promote IPR protection knowledge, regulations and laws to the exhibitors.
China Refrigeration 2009 will continue to provide high standard, quality communication and trade platform for the great industry.