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Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building 2010

Sustainable building
Buildings represent an essential element of the built environment created for preserving quality of human life. Construction and operation of buildings belong among the biggest consumers of primary materials, energy resources, and environment pollutants as well. It is a well known fact that buildings in highly developed countries are responsible for about 30 or 40% of the total energy consumption and have the same share in production of carbon dioxide, waste and other pollutants.
The development of new technologies and the use of progressive materials and advanced construction solutions leading to quality improvement of buildings not only in economic, but also in the environmental and socio-cultural sense, represents a huge potential for sustainable society development. The population growth, depletion of primary materials, energy and drinking water sources, deterioration of the environment (including the consequences of global warming in the form of a higher frequency of natural disasters) necessarily lead to a more intensive search for new, environmentally suitable approaches and solutions.
Sustainable building offers many opportunities for significant advancement in our Central Europe region.

Conference objectives
The CESB 10 conference is a part of a 2010 international conferences series on sustainable building organized in different regions of the world. The Prague CESB10 – Central Europe towards Sustainable building conference intents to cover primarily region of Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. Contributors from other countries are also warmly welcome.
The main goal of the conference is to summarize state of the art in the region, recognize future trends and discuss possible targets for the next years.

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