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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Building Futures Gulf by BATIMAT 2010

BUILDING FUTURES GULF BY BATIMAT - These Trade Fairs will be devoted to the Technical, Energy, Economic, Environmental and Safety Performance of Construction, and present Solutions in the different structural sectors of Building, from its external envelope to its internal Comfort
Integration and renewable energy sources in today's building "Building Futures Gulf by BATIMAT" will bring together four specialized Building Trade Fairs at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (United Arab Emirates) between 18 - 21 April 2010. The trade fairs will be devoted to the technical, energy-related, economic, environmental and safety aspects of construction and present solutions in the different structural sectors of Buildings from their external envelope to its internal comfort. These professional events will be organized with the support and participation of the International Union of Architects, and the principal building project owners in the Gulf region.

Structure Gulf Exhibition: A trade fair on structural technologies and implementation techniques
- Metal construction systems
- Concrete construction systems
- Ceramic and stone construction systems
- Roofing and equipment
- Water networks and waste water treatment
- Insulation systems
- Waterproofing systems
- Other structural materials and components
Envelope Gulf Exhibition: A trade fair on the envelope of buildings, presenting solutions for the façade, joinery and shutters
- Architectural cladding systems
- Doors and shutters
- Mechanical security
- Glazing products
- Aluminium joinery systems
- PVC joinery systems
- Timber joinery systems
- Solar protection
- Accessories for cladding and joinery
- Architectural facades

Intelligent Building Gulf Exhibition: A trade fair on intelligent solutions, systems and networks to improve comfort in buildings
- Networks (cable, wifi, IP) and digital systems (TV, telephone, web)
- Installation systems
- Renewable energy systems (photovoltaic, wind power...)
- Security management solutions and control systems
- Motorisation and access control
- Climate management solutions and control systems
- Electrical equipment and lighting
- Comfort multi-solutions
- Lifts, elevators and systems providing access for persons with reduced mobility
- Integration, installation and facility management
- Central vacuum systems and ducts

HVAC Gulf Exhibition: A trade fair on comfort solutions in terms of temperature, air control, energy, plumbing and water treatment
- Energy suppliers
- Ventilation systems and ducts
- Domestic hot water systems
- Air conditioning and cooling systems
- HVAC suppliers
- Treatment of domestic water
- Electrical and mechanical contractors and other services

The Building market is enjoying a boom in the Middle East accompanied by demands from the authorities and project managers to improve the performance of buildings to reduce not only the costs of construction, renovation and operation (energy bills) but also lessen a buildings impact on the environment.
This is why Reed Exhibitions devised four trade fairs with a joint approach to the global performance of buildings, aimed at contractors, architects, engineers, consultants, industrialists, dealers, property developers, and owners.

The four trade fairs will serve as a highly effective business platform by:
- Facilitating business meetings for all registered exhibitors to encourage discussions with owners of major projects, project managers, architects and large companies.
- A program of conferences with the participation of experts focusing on each trade fair.
- A press office to inform the media about innovations and technical solutions for the Building Industry in the Middle East.
- Demonstration areas
- The International Architects conference organized in association with the UIA (International Union of Architects) will serve as a discussion platform for architects, owners and manufacturers.

Business Meeting Programme
This programme was created a few years ago during other Reed Exhibitions shows in Europe in response to interviews that were conducted with decision makers in the building sector.
These key individuals in the decision making process informed us that they found a lot of time was being wasted in finding the right exhibitors presenting the solutions that they were interested in. Often if they did find what interested them the appropriate person was not at the stand to share relevent information.
Via the "Business Meeting Programme", the organizers are able to match offer and demand before the start of the show by identifying construction projects as well as the building solutions that these projects would need, well in advance of the show.

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