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Copenhagen/Lyngby, Denmark

5th International BUILDAIR-Symposium
“Building and Ductwork Air-tightness”

(former “European BlowerDoor-Symposium”)
Copenhagen/Lyngby, Denmark, 21-22.10.2010

The 5th International BUILDAIR-Symposium “Building and Ductwork Air-tightness” this year combines contributions from science, research and practical application knowledge.
The symposium offers a forum for an intensive exchange between the participants. The first day is devoted to science and current research. Practical aspects will be presented on the second day and entitled “BlowerDoor-Symposium”. The e.u.[z.] resumes the tradition of these very practical symposiums which took place as national events until 2005.
Interest in highly efficient buildings has been growing steadily, with there being plans for the introduction of these on a massive scale – plans which are even being put in practice in many countries. One major challenge is to attain the air-tightness needed for highly efficient buildings in the actual field of practice, to construct the building envelope so that it remains air-tight over a long period of time and to make quality assurance common practice.
At the same time, highly efficient buildings must have a ventilation concept which ensures hygienic air exchange while preventing mould and dampness and minimizing concentrations of toxins.
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