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Build IT Berlin - Targi Informatyka dla Budownictwa

The Trade Fair for Information and Communications Technology in the Construction Sector
Based on the IT exhibitors' request at bautec 2000 to attach more importance to their products within the trade fair, the concept of Build IT Berlin was developed in cooperation with the BVBS Bundesverband Bausoftware e.V. and leading software companies of this industry and has since been continuously enhanced. The information and communications technologies sector was separated from bautec, the International Trade Fair for Building and Construction Technology, to move this crucial segment of the construction industry into the focus of interest and to promote it directly to all stakeholders in the construction sector. It covers all stages of the building life cycle.

The Fair NoveltiesThe
“Training Day” will be enhanced in the light of its successful introduction in 2008. On the first day of the trade fair, 16 February 2010, not only trainees and students will have the opportunity to visit the fair at especially favourable conditions, to obtain information from the training centres of the Build IT InfoFillingStation for Training about the different training opportunities and about the products of the exhibitors but also the exhibitors will have the opportunity to present themselves as employers.
In their present form, the Build IT InfoFillingStations are unique means of presenting yourself to the construction sector.

- At the IT InfoFillingStation for Training, all training centres universities, universities for applied sciences, professional schools, industrial training sites etc. will have the opportunity to present themselves and their variety of training courses at a joint stand, to recruit new trainees, but also to make new contacts within the sector and with the software suppliers.
- Building material manufacturers who offer free software in addition to their actual products will have a special opportunity at the IT InfoFillingStation for Building Material Manufacturers to present this service and also related services to their clients.

A workplace in connection with an all-inclusive service offer allows you to participate without incurring high costs or investing a lot of time. Details about how to present yourself within the Build IT InfoFillingStations are available at: Exhibitor Info > Build IT InfoFillingStation

The Products and Services
The range of products and services offered at Build IT Berlin comprises software dealing with all areas and stages of a building the Internet, hardware, as well as IT security and services.
A detailed list is available at: List of Products and Services (PDF, 71 KB)

The Visitors
As a Trade Fair, Build IT Berlin addresses all stakeholders in the construction sector planners, constructors, general contractors, property developers, facility managers, but also the real-estate industry, industry associations and politics.

The Trade Fair Group
The synergy effects achieved by connecting the fair with bautec and Solar Energy, the International Trade Fair for Renewable Energies are preserved through mutual marketing, one visitor ticket for all events and by locating Build IT Berlin in the halls at the heart of the exhibition area, which ensures that all trade visitors will get to these halls during their visit.