Some of the world’s most innovative products for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating were presented last year on Read below which have been the 10 most popular products over the last months.

In 2008, the industry trend towards using the natural refrigerant CO2 in refrigeration and heating continued, with all major trade fairs around the world having R744 models and components on display. Meanwhile, 27 leading manufacturers of CO2 Technology have become new partners of, raising the total number of pioneering companies presented on the website to now 55. Their products and services attracted high attention.
The most popular ones over the last eight months, measured in terms of views, are:

1. SANYO Rotary 2-Stage Compressor
: The hermetic compressor for transcritical CO2 cycles is optimised for heat pump water heaters and vending machines.

2. enEX Heat Pumps
: Both the EcoCute air 25 and the EcoCute geo 25 model enjoyed great popularity among visitors. The ground and water heat source heat pumps can be used for hot water production in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or residential complexes.

3. Johnson Controls CO2 Pump Station
: The unit suited for supermarkets and a wide range of other applications uses CO2 as a secondary volatile refrigerant and can be used with other natural refrigerants, including ammonia and hydrocarbons, on the primary side.

4. Danfoss TN compressor & AKV expansion valve
: Out of its range of 27 components displayed on, the TN CO2 compressor for light commercial applications and heat pumps, as well as the electrically operated AKV expansion valves for refrigeration plants were the most popular in 2008.

5. SPX AC744PRO Service Station
: The fully automated service station ensures an accurate discharge/recharge of CO2 Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) systems.

6. Green & Cool Breeze
: The R744 unit with direct expansion on the evaporator side and liquid cooled gas cooler/condenser is available as an air conditioning, refrigeration and freezer unit.

7. ixetic, DOOWON & OBRIST Engineering MAC Compressors
: Compressors suitable for next-generation R744 MAC systems ranked highest on the visitors’ preference list for MAC components. ixetic' LA25K, DOOWON’s DC28, and OBRIST Engineering’s C99 compressor attracted similar number of views.

8. itomic Industrial Eco-Cute
: The R744 hot water heater uses heat from the air, producing hot water as high as 90°C in schools, restaurants, swimming pools, or hospitals.

9. Bock compressors
: Both models RKX26/31 and HAX2 from the compressor family displayed on received high attention. The semi-hermetic, electrical driven compressors are optimal for transcritical R744 applications in industrial and commercial refrigeration, as well as air conditioning.

10. Advansor compSUPER S
: The small model of a series of modular refrigeration systems with compact design, low noise and easy installation is suitable for commercial refrigeration and supermarkets.