R744.com offers you a selection of the most popular articles published on the website over the last 12 months. Find out what moved the CO2 world in the areas of MAC, Refrigeration, and Heating in 2008.


From the first transcritical CO2-only supermarket in Australia, to an impressive number of CO2 components and systems on display at the international trade fair Chillventa, the year 2008 held some major progress for R744 in refrigeration and cooling. Among the highlights: a clear commitment to CO2 by beverage giant Coca-Cola, a rising trend towards R744 in the US, and CO2 Technology at the Beijing Olympic Games.
Top ten news on R744.com on refrigeration were:
Germany ready for CO2 in Supermarkets
Coca-Cola CEO calls for global use of CO2
EuroShop: Follow the CO2 path with R744.com
Chillventa - A Showcase for CO2
Tesco makes Ireland greener with CO2 "eco store"
Woolworths to use CO2 in new supermarkets
CO2 Technology at the Olympic Games
Largest secondary CO2 system unveiled in North America
Industry visits Australia's first CO2-only supermarket
Milan Expo features CO2 Technology

Mobile Air Conditioning

The year 2008 started and ended with discussions about a next-generation refrigerant to replace R134a. Narrowed down to two global refrigerant solutions, cross talks divided proponents of CO2 and the chemical alternative 1234yf at key events in Japan, Austria, France, China and the U.S. In October, and right after the German car industry reconfirming its CO2 choice, alarming flammability and toxicity results for 1234yf sparked controversial reactions in Europe and the US. 2008 ends with no clear commitment to CO2 or any other refrigerant besides the one from the German automotive industry.
Top ten news on R744.com on mobile air conditioning were:
VDA reconfirms choice of CO2 in cars
CO2 MAC up to 54% more efficient, Federal Agency car proves
Prime time German TV reports about "Danger in Car"
Flammability of refrigerants and oil evaluated
EU Parliament calls for real-life emission test cycles
VDA Winter Meeting 2008 - On the road to R744
SAE Phoenix - Day 1 & 2: HFO-1234yf and CO2 in the focus
R134a / HFO-1234yf: Unknown environment damage from herbicides
Chinese industry gets latest updates on MAC
Debate over MAC LCCP Tool heats up


In 2008, governments around the world acknowledged heat pumps as one of the most sustainable way to achieve energy savings and cut dependency on oil. While the success story of CO2 heat pumps (Eco-Cute) in Japan continued, other world regions, including the EU and US, showed rising interest in the potential that CO2 offers for low-energy passive houses, and industrial processes.
Top ten news on R744.com on heating were:
CO2 heat pumps: 20% better than state-of-the-art systems
IEA Conference: Heat pumps offer huge potential
EcoCute: Latest Innovations & Market trends
HVAC&R Japan: R744 solutions in the focus
High-efficient EcoCute models launched
Heat Pumps capture new markets in Asia & the EU
Support for heat pumps grows in EU & New Zealand
CO2 Heat Pumps - from Japan to the world
Bangkok Meeting - Update: Strong Voices for Natural Refrigerants
EU Parliament approves weak climate & car emissions deal