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Berlin, Niemcy

bautec 2010 - 14. Internationale Fachmesse für Bauen und Gebäudetechnik

Unique bautec concept
As Central Europe's leading construction industry trade fair and policy forum, bautec serves as a key business barometer. Following the success of bautec 2008, the 2010 edition promises to be outstanding. Optimism in the building industry continues to gain momentum. Ideal conditions for exhibiting at bautec 2010.

Focus on energy
The bautec 2010 concept reflects the latest market developments. In line with the system link between building exterior construction and building services engineering, bautec 2010 will intensify its focus on energy-efficient construction for the future. Joint presentations by exhibitors from industry sectors ranging from building materials and systems, to energy, heating, and climate control makes visiting the trade show even more appealing for builders and industry specialists.

Urban development of the future
Cities and urban areas continue to gain popularity. As dynamic commercial and industrial centers, they concentrate supply and demand, innovations and information. Big cities offer people a modern and unique quality of life. Urban development of the future is a key issue for today's architects, sociologists, planners and designers. Along with renovation projects, the construction of new buildings is expected to gain momentum in 2010. The Urban Solutions Berlin segment at bautec will serve as a unique platform for these developments.

Index of exhibited products & services
Outdoor systems
Construction chemicals and protective agents
Construction machinery / construction site equipment / elevated access systems
Building materials
Fire protection
Roof building
Electrical technologies & equipment
FAÇADE construction
Windows / doors / gates
Prefab buildings / construction systems
Heating systems, chimneys
Wood construction
Interior construction & drywall
Climate control & ventilation
Building frame construction
Sanitary systems
Civil engineering
Associations and consultants
Tools, machinery, systems

Visitor attractions with maximum impact
The focus at bautec 2010 goes beyond building materials and equipment to encompass the entire building process. The Construction Technique Centers will be dedicated to the task of providing information about construction quality and hands-on applications. Building materials, professional workmanship, materials selection, noise and fire insulation, energy and climate control concepts: bautec brings together manufacturers, the building trade, planners, project engineers and builders to exchange ideas in a practice-oriented setting.

Balconies, truss work, windows, veneers, houses, wood bonding techniques, parquet flooring, saunas, staircases, doors, fencing, "Building and Furnishing with Glass" specialized glass (building security, noise/sun insulation), glass in interior construction

ealing systems, balconies, building chemicals, building systems, cement, concrete building materials, insulation materials, paints, prefab parts & systems, scaffolds & ladders, sunrooms, tiles, artificial & natural stone, plaster, building frame construction, formwork techniques, glasswork, wall building materials, bricks

Sheet metal and ties, lightning protection systems, roof exit ways, roof greening, drainage systems, skylights, dormers, gutters, trusses, flat roof systems, domes, steep roof tiling

Hardware, ceiling systems, plasters/lime/cements, glass, wood/cork, loam/clay, illuminated ceilings, metals, facings, ceramic tiles, wall/floor coverings

Drainage systems, natural gas heating, central heating boilers/burners, heating controls, fireplaces, oil heating, pumps, renewable energies, pipes, porcelain fixtures, chimneys, swimming pools

Fire protection/smoke extraction, energy saving systems, filters, heating and ventilation, air conditioning systems/units, automated climate control, ventilation ducts, security systems, fans, heat accumulators/exchangers

"The Restoration Marketplace" with presentations on redevelopment, modernization, renovation and expansion, urban renewal

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