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28-30.09.2009 Astana, Kazakhstan

Aqua-Therm Astana 2009
The market
Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world and it is the business centre of a population of 56 millions of Central Asians.
Among the CIS countries Kazakhstan has the fastest growing economy: it is extremely rich in natural resources in particular in gas and oil whose production in 2006 is estimated at 1.3 million barrels/day and it is forecast to be over 3 million barrels/day before 2020. Such resources provide the country with huge inflows of foreign currency enabling a sustainable increase in consumer spending.
The rapid growth of new suburban areas and the establishment of the new capital Astana in 2000 is leading to strong growth in the demand of HVAC technologies. In fact, the City Residential Construction Programme is being actively implemented.
Kazakhstan has adopted the State Programme on Housing Construction for 2005-2007, which aims at building and commissioning more than 12 millions of housing. 150 billions tenge (one billion Euros) are assigned for implementation of this Programme.
The country has a continental climate with very dry air and rare rainfalls. The winter is usually very cold with temperatures often below 20°C (in the south) and sometimes below 50°C (in the north). The summer is very hot with temperatures up to 30°C and 40°C. Therefore Kazakhstan has a very strong need for HVAC technologies.