Developed to combine the thermal efficiency of a plate heat exchanger with the pressure and temperature resistance of a shell & tube unit, the new AlfaDisc all-welded exchanger is ideal for duties involving high pressures and temperatures such as steam heating, gas and refrigerant cooling, condensation and applications handling aggressive fluids.

is designed for use with liquids, gases and two-phase mixtures at temperatures up to +538 °C (lowest temperature -195 °C) and pressures as high as 72 barg, making it ideal for applications involving steam, process vapours , natural refrigerants duties and for use as an interchanger.
It is a heat exchanger , with a plate side and a shell side, which is capable of handling up to four passes on each side, with hot and cold media flowing through alternating channels in either co-current or true counter-current flow. Its configurations allows for adaptations to achieve high thermal efficiency and close temperature approaches.
A feature of the design is that when only one side of the exchanger is subject to corrosive conditions, the two exchanger elements can be fabricated from different materials. This means standard materials can be employed on the non-corrosive side with exotic materials restricted to the corrosive side; thereby enabling significant cost savings to be made.
Initially, the AlfaDisc range consists of three models, AlfaDisc 50, 100 and 150, the model numbers relating to the nominal size of the DN connection on the plate side of the exchanger. On the shell side of the exchanger, nozzle sizes up to DN 400 can be supplied to provide higher vapour or liquid flow rates. The maximum liquid flow rate under optimum conditions is 139 kg/s.
AlfaDisc’s compact design is complemented by its all-welded construction and has the option with retractable plate bundles for cleaning.
AlfaDisc in comfort and refrigeration
For refrigeration systems the AlfaDisc is adapted to take low temperature evaporation, high pressure natural refrigerants condensation duties including heat pumps and cascade – evaporation/condensation – services for freezing applications.
In HVAC applications, AlfaDisc offers a suitable alternative when temperatures and pressures are too high to be handled by a gasketed PHE and the capacity specified cannot be reached with a brazed heat exchanger. A key application will be heating systems using steam, where the high thermal tolerance and compact design of AlfaDisc in many cases will prove superior to technologies like e.g. shell- and –tube. The present AlfaDisc range offers three sizes and comprises a capacity range up to 20 MW for typical HVAC steam condensing applications.
Source: Alfa Laval