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termin: 15-16.07.2009 miejsce: Brisbane

Registrations have opened for the Achieving the Green Dream Conference organized by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH), to be held in Brisbane on July 15- 16. The conference will examine the practicalities of designing, building and fitting out buildings and will focus on the need for those within the industry to gain practical knowledge about implementing sustainable design.

“Given the ever-increasing focus on environmental performance, it is vital that our buildings are designed and operated to the highest of standards,"
says AIRAH’s conference chair Mark Moseley. “The Achieving the Green Dream conference will provide insights and lessons from leaders in the field of the sustainable built environment."
Among its many topics, this conference will cast its sustainable spotlight on the communication between designers, project managers, consultants, sub-contractors, commissioners, installers, facility mangers and tenants. In addition, experts will discuss implementing regulations and local climatic solutions.