Aktualne tendencje w rozwoju klimatyzacji użytkowej największych marek.

Daikin released the Ururu Sarara R series of RACs that further enhance comfortable and eco-friendly operation. The compact indoor unit, only 798 mm wide, realizes high heating and energy-saving performance as well as mild (ururu) humidification.
A newly mounted ‘eco’ front panel indicates energy-efficiency and glows during energy-saving operation, thus helping users improve their energy awareness. Also displayed on the panel are electricity charges, which are tentatively calculated from data on actual electricity usage.
Newly adopted outdoor and indoor humidity sensors continuously optimize the level of humidity, which actually makes the human body feel warmer. This feature can subsequently improve energy efficiency by about 20% in the heating season and by about 25% throughout the year.
The 4.0 kW indoor unit model realizes the industry’s top-class heating capacity of 7.3 kW when the outside temperature is 2°C. This has been achieved along with the more compact size through adoption of a high efficiency heat exchanger and fan motor. Despite its compactness, the 4.0 kW model has attained an APF (annual performance factor) of 6.0.
The R series also incorporates a deodorizing function that uses water to remove odors adhering to surfaces in the room. The self-cleaning filter compresses dust in a built-in dust box and can now be used for 10 years without maintenance. The previous maintenance-free period was 2 years.

Panasonic adopted an improved ‘nanoe’ device on its X series RACs realizing the industry’s top energy efficiency (2.2 kW class).
‘nanoe’ particles curb proliferation of airborne bacteria and viruses, penetrate curtains and other textiles to remove stubborn odors, and prevent skin moisture loss.
‘nanoe’ particles are charged ions enveloped in water that are created by applying high pressure to water. The particles quickly scatter to every corner of the room, staying in the air and penetrating textiles.
‘nanoe’ particles also increase moisture on the top layer of the skin, thus moistening the skin mildly and beautifying skin with continued use.
The X series realizes the industry’s top energy efficiency (APF 6.8 in the 2.2 kW model) with a compressor incorporating a newly developed high efficiency motor using neodymium and a hybrid heat exchanger with improved heat exchanging performance.
The air stream robot provides each user with a comfortable air stream using a function to detect each user’s location. This robot estimates the temperature felt by the user’s body and automatically assesses the degree of desirable cooling or heating.
Simply by pressing the ‘automatic comfortable operation’ button, the new models perform optimum operation based on room and user conditions.
The filter-cleaning robot has evolved further. The amount of air taken in by the suction nozzle has increased by about 20% over the previous nozzle to shorten cleaning time.

Toshiba Carrier has released 13 new models of Daiseikai RACs in the PDR series for 2009.
The new products provide the industry’s top-class energy savings while reducing the size of all indoor units to 790 mm wide to ensure easier installation when replacing existing units. The models also incorporate a twin rotary compressor that enables high efficiency during medium and small loads. The new models use as little as 45W, which is comparable to an electric fan.
Compared to the previous year’s models, the new models can realize a further 40% reduction in electricity consumption during stable operation. This is attributable to high efficiency compressor and inverter control and control of the refrigerant flow rate and refrigeration cycle.
Moreover, the new series has attained energy efficiency 22% higher than the standard value for 2010 as specified in the Energy Savings Legislation due to improvements to main components such as the dual compressor, the hybrid heat exchanger, and a 3-blade propeller fan.
In addition to the ‘electricity charge display’ on the remote control, the new series has the industry‘s first ‘energy monitor’ displaying electricity consumption in real time on the front panel of the indoor unit.
For space heating in winter, the new RACs adopt a ‘powerful air stream’ function to supply warm air to the floor and a ‘morning dash heating’ function for quick heating.

Mitsubishi Electric (Melco) released 8 new models of Kirigamine Move-eye ZW series RACs. They adopt a world-first display that shows the volume of CO2 emissions.
The volume of CO2 emissions is displayed on the ‘Select Monitor’ above the air discharge port, which usually displays the current temperature felt by the body. The remote control display can show electricity charges, CO2 emission volume and preset temperature. When the power is turned on, the monitor displays standard hourly electricity charges. During operation, it displays the temperature felt by the body. When the power is turned off, it displays the electricity charges for the last operation period. Press the CO2 button during operation to display the total volume of CO2 emitted to date. The ZW series also incorporates the Move-eye Fit, which automatically performs air conditioning by detecting not only the floor temperature, areas where users are present and the level of user movement, but also room temperature changes caused by opening and closing curtains and doors. The Move-eye Fit adjusts air direction and temperature while taking account of differences in temperatures felt by users to perform economical air conditioning. As a result, the new models can realize up to 65% further energy savings (yearly average 40%) than the previous models.
The Clean Monitor shows the status of automatic filter cleaning and how well the air purifying function is working.

Hitachi Appliances released 9 models in its ‘White Bear’ series RACs for 2009 featuring enhanced ‘stainless clean’ and ‘ion mist’ functions that are unique to the company.
The company also added 6 models to its highest end X series, which surpasses the S series in both energy efficiency and quality.
The main feature of the S series is a new function to mildly moisten the air with an ion mist discharge that is about 3 times as powerful as that of the 2008 series, which has a function for cleaning with ion mist. The increased power not only improves the skin moistening effect, but also the room air deodorizing and sanitizing effect.
In order to keep the inside of the unit clean, the S series incorporates a stainless steel finish for the air path. Thanks also to the compactly designed, easier-to-install indoor unit capable of top-class energy efficiency in the industry, the S series received the 2008 Good Design Prize.
In February, Hitachi Appliances released 6 models in the ‘Stainless Clean E series (2.2 to 5.0 kW) that feature an improved cleaning features function through adoption of a stainless finish helpful for conducive to removing bacteria. The company has also adopted a stainless finish for the M series in the standard class.

Fujitsu General released new high-efficiency ‘nocria’ RACs in the Z, S, R and standard type J series.
Energy saving performance has been improved by incorporating an automatic filter cleaning function (S, Z and R series) and an ‘intelligent eco’ function to achieve efficient operation according to user movements (S and Z series).
The S series has realized both high energy efficiency and space heating performance by adopting a high-efficiency air blowing mechanism and a vector PAM inverter that optimizes the electric current by increasing the voltage applied to the compressor.
With its highly sensitive body sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, the intelligent eco function detects both the quantity of user movements and the temperature and humidity in the room.
The set temperature can be lowered when the sensor detects the absence of a user. If the user fails to turn the in door unit off, the automatic stop function is activated, preventing waste of electricity.
The Z series has realized the industry’s highest level of energy efficiency and the industry’s No. 1 heating capacity, thereby meeting user needs for space heating with heat pump units.
Like the S series, the R series adopts the industry’s smallest indoor unit and incorporates the automatic filter cleaning function.

MHI released two new series of ‘Beaver’ RACs. They adopt functions such as ‘JET air stream’ to enable quick and powerful air conditioning with very high energy savings and ‘bio clear operation’ to remove and decompose pollen, mold, ticks, bacteria, viruses, etc.
The high-function R series consists of 4 models (2.2 to 4.0 kW), as does the standard T series.
The two new series and the high-end S series, featuring high energy-efficiency and comfort, clear the energy-efficiency standard for 2010.
The R series incorporate functions such as ‘area air conditioning’ for selective air conditioning of any of 6 areas with remote control, ‘automatic air stream operation’ enabling efficient room air conditioning, and ‘dehumidification with reheat system.’ The series also adopts the latest technologies to enhance energy efficiency, such as a new-type fin with a wider uneven surface for the heat exchangers in both the indoor and outdoor units. A ZAM steel plate is adopted in the bottom of the outdoor unit since it is highly resistant to corrosion and heat.
The remote control incorporates a ‘child lock’ function to protect the remote control settings and restrict operation to the start/stop button. The child-lock is also useful in preventing users from unintentionally changing the programmed settings.

Sharp released 7 models in its Kireion SX RAC series for 2009 with capacity from 2.2 to 7.1 kW.
The new SX series RACs adopt an eco-friendly form, realize comfortable air conditioning using Sharp’s own air stream control technology, incorporate a ‘high concentration plasma ion generating device,’ introduce the ‘non-stop space heating’ function to provide powerful space heating with a heat pump unit, and feature other improved functions leading to the industry’s top-class energy savings.
High concentration plasma cluster ions decompose and remove airborne tick waste, dead ticks, allergens, viruses, and mold, and can also remove odors entrenched deep within curtains and curb proliferation of mold bacilli entrenched deep within walls.
Sharp has also developed a non-stop space heating function with a heat pump unit that can maintain space heating even during defrosting operation to melt frost in the outdoor unit.
Quick cooling and heating is performed in combination with an ‘enveloping air stream’ that prevents air from hitting the body directly and reduces uneven temperature distribution. A powerful air stream can be generated from the air discharge port (15 meters in the large air volume operation mode).
All models have cleared the energy saving standard and the 5.0 kW model has attained the industry’s top APF (annual performance factor) of 5.7.

Corona released 13 new models of RACs in its MG, SG, and S series. The MG models can be used comfortably year-round principally by adopting ‘dehumidification gentle to women,’ a ‘10-year replacement-free dehumidifying/deodorizing filter’ and a ‘multi-clean filter. The SG series has had its basic performance improved, while the S series is cooling-only.
Since the ‘dehumidification gentle to women’ function controls the humidity of the air to a moderate level, room air is prevented from being cooled excessively and is made comfortably dry and gentle to women. Moreover, since this function can remove up to 500 ml/hour of moisture, it is suitable for drying laundry or air-conditioning the bedroom.
The ‘10-year replacement-free dehumidifying/deodorizing filter’ powerfully removes moisture utilizing silver ions, and is capable of removing bacteria and deodorizing without repair or replacement for 10 years.
Other functions include an ‘inside drying mode’ which dries the inside of the indoor unit after being turned off to curb proliferation of mold and bacteria, an ‘antibiotic/mold-proof filter’ whose surface is finished with antibiotic/mold-proof treatment to powerfully prevent occurrence of mold in the indoor unit.

Lineup of 2009 RACs

continues the Shikisaikan E series RACs for 2009 market. At a compact size 798 mm in width, they have cleared the target values of energy savings specified for 2010. The company has stressed features related to energy savings, indoor air quality and cleanliness.
The E series is equipped with an ‘air wash block mode’ which prevents the adherence of mold, bacteria and odors into the interior of the indoor unit all year round.
Also, to purify the room air during operation, the new series incorporates an ‘air wash attack’ mode in which an ‘odor sensor’ works with an ‘aller-block air purifying filter,’ an ‘electric air purifying unit’ and a ‘regenerative deodorizing filter.’
The aller-block air purifying filter has a surface area 6 times as wide as that of the previous series, thus powerfully catching pollen, excreta from ticks, dead ticks and oil powerfully.
Source: http://www.ejarn.jp/Type_news_inside1.asp?id=12100&classid=9