TROX Spain has received a major order for passive chilled beams and multifunctional active chilled beams, which were manufactured by TROX in the UK. Since the middle of 2009, these have been providing a pleasant climate for books and visitors alike in the venerable library of Ciudad Real, a city 200 km south of Madrid.

2000 meters of chilled beams for the Ciudad Real library
The freely suspended multifunctional active chilled beams were installed on all three floors of the library. When put together, these are equivalent to a row 2,000 metres in length. The maximum length of an active chilled beam is 4,5 metres. Lighting, motion sensors and smoke detectors are integrated into the air-water systems.

As the active chilled beams have an overall length of 54 metres when joined together, and due to the fact that the primary air could only be supplied from one side, a parallel air duct system was specially developed for this project. With this system, the required quantities of air are distributed evenly to the individual chilled diffusers.

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