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termin: 17-19.05.2006 r. miejsce: Praga, Czechy

There is a long tradition (since 1959) of organizing national conferences Air-conditioning and Ventilation by Society of Environmental Engineering; time to time we extend out conference to international level and one therefore we decided to organize the International 17th Conference Air-conditioning and Ventilation in 2006.
There is a close association between greater opportunities of environmental technology to improve quality of microclimatic conditions of indoor environment on the one hand and importance of sharing information on methods and means of air-conditioning and ventilation on the other hand.
This issue should be the central topic of the 17th Conference Air-conditioning and Ventilation 2006. The conference will present a wide-ranging offer of state-of-the-art information from the field to designers, producers, research workers, teachers as well as investors. The aim is to support extensive progress of the field of air-conditioning and ventilation.
17th Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Conference 2006: