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Władywostok, Rosja

STROITIELSTWO 2010СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО - 18-я специализированная выставка
15-17 сентября 2010

Stroitielstwo 2010 - Międzynarodowe Targi Budowlane
15.09.2010 - 17.09.2010, Władywostok, Rosja

CONSTRUCTION - 18th Specialized Expo
September 15-17, 2010

In 2012, Vladivostok is hosting the Summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Russian Federal Government has launched a comprehensive construction and infrastructure development program in Vladivostok and Primorsky Territory.

These large-scale construciton and development projects result in a substantial new demand for quality construction materials, equipment and technologies.

It opens new profitable opportunities for internetional companies willing to enter or strengthen their presence at the regional market.

The 2010 CONSTRUCTION Expo is a great platform to showcase your products and services to a booming construcion market of Primorsky Territory.

The CONSTRUCTION Expo is orricially supported by Primorsky Territory Department of City Planning and major Russian construction associations in recognition of its outstanding vlaue and importance for the regional economy.

Participation in the Expo will provide exhibitors with exposure to high-level contacts with professional audience and construction authorities.

Architecture and design engineering
Construction site equipment
Road construction machinery
Cranes and hoist units
Vertical transportation systems
Land works
Mortars and concretes: manufacturing and transportation
Formwork systems and scaffolds
Scaffold towers, platforms and ladders
Prefabricated buildings
Metal structures and metal products
Construction products manufacturing equipment
Construction packaging
Construction materials (water and thermal insulation, roofing, finishing materials, etc.)
Windows, doors and partitions
Wooden construction, wooden structures and materials
Electric and lighting products
Heating and ventilation
Sewage systems and bathroom equipment
Fire safety
Building security and management systems
Urban improvement and greening
Security uniform and personal security solutions
Licensing and certification
Investments and innovations
Training and education
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